You can be wearing a feed-sack, as long as your hair and make-up look good.


Yep, you're viewing this picture correctly. This chick is wearing a Feed-Sack. You know, the bag they put cow/horse/pig food in. And just look how fabulous she is! Her hair and makeup are so amazing, you hardly even notice what she's wearing. Okay, maybe you do notice, and you're probably thinking, WHAT is she wearing?! But that's only AFTER you notice how smoking hot she is. Pictures like this are just one example of  the importance of good hair, skin and makeup.

So tell us... what's the best hair, makeup, or overall beauty tip you've ever received? Tell us what the tip was, and who gave it to you. We will pick the best tip, and the person who gave it to you will receive a complimentary makeup application or hair teaser from our amazing team <3

**By the way, Jordan is wearing: YSL #14 Rouge Pur Couture, YSL creme blush #6, YSL bronzer, terre saharienne, Mascara Singuier #1.


  1. My mom got this from her mom when she was a kid. You get a plain Hershey Bar. Melt the chocolate and then brush it over your face. Let the chocolate solidify. Keep on for 15 minutes or so and then remove. My grandma said it removed toxins and stress. Removing theses things prevents wrinkles. She looked fab!

  2. ALWAYS carry a dryer sheet in your purse. It can be used not only for static in your clothes, but also unsightly static in your hair!! Just give it a quick swipe and more static :)

    This was a tip my mother gave me :)

  3. Mix two or three spoonfuls of cold plain unflavored yogurt with one teaspoon of honey, apply to your face immediately. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off. It makes your skin so smooth and soft, AND it smells awesome. My grandmother taught me this when I first started wearing makeup.

  4. Never go to bed with makeup on! Always wash your face at night no matter how tired you are! My great grandmother told me this as I watched her clean her face and apply oil of olay before bedtime every night. Even at 94 she still had the same regimen. She passed in 1999 after I got married but I've never forgotten how soft her skin was.