10 Commandments of Summer Shoes

Alright ladies, it's August, and chances are, you've already broken out your sexy sandals, wedges and peep toes back in April. However, after seeing some of the things that I see in the streets of Wilmington, I feel like some women need a little refresher course on the Do's and Don'ts of open-toed shoes. 

I. Thou Shalt Find the Right Size. 
If your toes are hangin' off the ends of your shoes, they're too small. Just because they're open toe, doesn't mean you can get any size you want. You may be able to cheat a little bit, if the store doesn't carry your exact size, but be reasonable here.

II. Thou Shalt Discover Thine Pumice Stone.
No one wants to see your crusty heels, callouses or whatever else may be growing on your nasty feet. Get a good foot exfoliant, pumice stone or foot file, and get that dead skin off your feet! If you're looking for something that will do the trick, use the Tweezerman Foot File, found at Blush!

III. Thou Shalt De-Fuzz. 
Okay, if you're a girl and you're reading this, you know what I'm talking about. If you're a guy and your reading this... sorry to burst your bubble, but women do grow hair on their feet. Wax it, shave it, whatever you gotta do. Just don't put on open toe shoes if your feet look like they belong on a hobbit.

IV. Thou Shalt Moisturize. 
Because no one wants to see what the contrast between patent leather heels and ashy feet looks like. End of story.

V. Thou Shalt Mind Thine Tan. 
If you are in the sun a lot, make sure you don't have flip-flop tan lines (or that your shoes at least cover them).  If you like to fake it, make sure you get that self tanner out from in between your tootsies! Swipe a lemon peel over the spots that need color removal, and it should take care of it.

VI. Thou Shalt Groom Thine Toenails.
Clip em, file em, trim the cuticles. Just get the edges clean and presentable. With summer shoes, your toenails are on display, so make sure they look good! Let's put it this way...you wouldn't wear a bikini without shaving your bikini line, would you?

VII. Thou Shalt Never Cover Old Polish.
So you don't have time to get a full pedicure... we totally understand. But by all means, take your old polish off before putting on a new coat! When people look at your feet and you're nails are lumpy, and there are remnants of blue polish showing through your pink at-home-pedi, they're gonna think you've got some weird foot fungus. And you don't want rumors going around town that you've got a foot fungus, do you?

VIII. Thou Shalt Experiment With Colors and Designs.
Fingernails are always in your face, so many women have to be careful with the polish they wear on them. But toenails aren't, so you can get away with brighter colors and fun designs. Put a daisy in the corner, or leopard print all over. Paint them hot pink, bright blue, or whatever color you want! Just have fun!

IX. Thou Shalt Never Wear Socks. 
One would think this goes without saying. But I've definitely seen otherwise. Just don't do it. No white socks, black socks, sheer stockings, nothing. If your toes are showing, they'd better be naked. And if you do see someone breaking this commandment, point and laugh. Seriously. They need to know.

X. Thou Shalt Wear With Confidence. 
Now that you have pretty feet to match your pretty shoes, go out and show the world how fabulous you look! Whether they're peep toes, wedges, or sandals, open toe shoes are the sexiest shoes out there because they're summery and show off your skin, creating longer looking legs. Wear with your favorite outfit for instant sex appeal!

<3 E & C

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