Think Twice When Choosing Your Summer Shade

That's right folks...Katy Perry has gone BLONDE. As of now, the only emerging photographs of her 'new look' have been blurry. Well, over the weekend she fixed that by stepping out for the premier of the Smurf's movie...

Although her hair still has a hint of red in it, it is definitely in the blonde family. A frequently asked question is why it is so hard to make the transition from black to blonde. Well, Blush HausofBeauté is here to answer that question...

In order for this transformation to take place, the stylist had to removed all of her color with a decolorizer. 

However, decolorizing one's hair does not always cause all of the color to come out. This depends on the amount of buildup in a persons hair from their previous coloring treatments.

When you visit a hair salon, the first thing that a hairstylist is going to ask is "how long has it been since your last color?" and the answer always seems to be the same..."forever ago". Well even if it's been a year since you last got color, realistically, that's only 6 inches. Therefore, everything past that point is still colored.

Now, if the decolorizer fails to work on your stubborn head of hair, the next step is a scalp bleach.

In Katy Perry's case, her hair remains a reddish blonde due to the amount of dye left in the shaft that was unable to be removed.

Hairstylists can make you as blonde as your heart desires, but sometimes it may take more than one visit. OR, if you're really determined, you can take it home in a bag..

The next step in the transformation is to apply a filler which will even out the tone in order to give your stylist a new canvas. Following this, the desired tone is applied with hopes of little red.

It is important to remember that this can be very expensive when done in a day. So make sure to think twice before shopping the Miss Clarol aisle in the grocery simply isn't that easy.

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