Ready, Set, Glow!

Jane Iredale's Sunbeam and Moonglow Quad Bronzers are made with 24-Karat gold flakes that give a soft shimmer. These Quad Bronzers are ideal for use on the eyes, cheeks, and lips, or as an all-over bronzer. With four luxurious shades to choose from, you can easily highlight and contour all at the same time!

Jane Iredale explains how to use the Quad Bronzer for a sculpted face: Apply a lighter base to the center of the face (include eyes and around the mouth, but not the nose), a darker one on the outside perimeter, and then the bronzer. This pulls the center of the face out and mimics the effect that a key light would have. It's a very effective way of adding definition and a trick often used by TV and film makeup artists.

Jane Iredale also explains how to use Sunbeam or Moonglow to highlight and contour. Apply the lighter shades to bring light to the high points of the face: cheek bones, brow bones, or places where you need to add light such as the inner corner of the eye. Apply the darker shades as a contour under cheek bones and along jawline; or around the perimeter of the face to add warmth. For a red-carpet look, dust onto shoulders and décolleté!

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