Be Your Own Picasso

Become your own personal Picasso using good quality makeup brushes. A great set of makeup brushes are essential when trying to achieve the perfect look. Knowing how to use your brushes can mean the difference between a completely flawless face and an unpolished look. The right brushes help to apply foundation to create a smooth and even canvas, for blush to hit just the right areas, and eyeshadows to blend effortlessly with each other. There are many differences between brushes from the head shape to size to bristles. Understanding the importance of makeup brushes is a necessity for a flawless makeup makeup application. Jane Iredale makes this easy for you. Their brushes are composed of the finest natural materials available. They are designed to be both effective and gentle. Stop by Blush to learn more about using the right makeup brushes and become your own personal Picasso today!

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