YSL Touche Eclat = Liquid Gold

Alright girls, listen up. If you have somehow never heard about YSL's magical touche eclat we invite you out of the darkness and into the light of this incredible highlighter. The dark circles and bags under your eyes will disappear thanks to YSL's touche eclat, or as we call it liquid gold. It brightens the eyes and covers a multitude of sins.

It's been dubbed by everyone as their favorite beauty product from InStyle Magazine , New York Times,  How to Walk in High Heels; The Girls Guide to Everything  not to mention countless celebs, including Oprah that swear by it. 

  Instyle dubbed it one of the six beauty products that make you look younger and we totally agree. 

Not worried about wrinkles yet? This product will work wonders after late nights and too much bubbly. 

Come in and try it for yourself. 

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